7: Out and about/ 8: This is me!

Good evening everyone!

Today’s session was devoted to finishing unit 7 as well as beginning with unit 8.

With respect to unit 7, we have been dealing with the vocabulary of this unit by means of compound names and prepositions of movement (you must see page 137 in the grammar section) on page 73. We went through exercises 1 and 2 of these two sections.  In addition, we have been working on Speaking Part 2 by looking at expressions in exercise 2 (p. 74) and then working in pairs discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the different means of transport (ex.6 – please read ‘Speaking tip’). on page 76 we did exercises 1 and 3 to practise Writing Part 1 of the exam (sentence transformation).

With regards to unit 8, we started by reading the text on page 79 ‘Life coaches find success with young people’. First, we read the text to get a general idea and then we underlined the important information in each sentence in ex. 5. After that, we looked for specific information in the text to say if the sentences in ex. 5 were true (A) or false (B). On page 80 we did exercise 1 of vocabulary containing phrasal verbs: we looked them up in the text and tried to guess their meanings. Please, notice that you should learn all these phrasal verbs. Now you should go to page 138 and study the three kind of conditionals for b1 level: Zero conditional, first conditional and second conditional. We did ex. 9 on page 81 to express personal experiences either with 1st conditional or 2nd conditional. To end this session, we did Listening Part 3: we went through the text, tried to guess the type of word in each gap (noun, adjective, etc.) and then filled in the gaps while listening to the interview.

Please, notice that you can check the answers to all these exercises in the end of your books, pp. 240-243. Also, you can do the listening exercise by playing the CD included in your book.

Have a nice day-off!



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